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10 Ways to declutter your hallway.

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

10 Ways to declutter and create a more organised entrance hall.

How does your home make you feel when you walk through the front door ? Do you feel relaxed and safe or is there a sense of agitation as you look around?

Do you have somewhere to hang up your coat or bag and kick off your shoes or are you falling over clutter that doesn’t belong there?

If the first space we enter when walking into our home is cluttered, then it is difficult to create a calm space elsewhere as you will always have to pass through here, often several times a day.

We don’t all have a large hallway or storage in this space so I wanted to share with you a few tips to declutter your hallway to create a more organised entrance in this hard working area.

  1. Create floor space. Remove all the items that don’t belong there. Where possible, keep items hung, on shelves or in cupboards. This not only gives those items their own place but it creates a sense of space and calm.

  2. Give everyone their own coat hook, at the right height. If young children can’t reach their hook, they are more likely to leave their coat on the floor.

  3. If storage is tight, only keep items that you need for the current season. Look at where you store out of season hats, gloves and shoes. Store them up high if you have the space or remove to wardrobes, utility rooms or lofts if need be. Change over items once the seasons change, rather than just adding to what is already there.

  4. Baskets are great for storing hats, scarves, umbrellas or gloves and these can be kept on a shelf above the pegs.You’ll never wonder where you put that pair of gloves again.

  5. Store shoes on shelves or shoe racks, raised off the floor to make cleaning easier. Shoe cupboards are neat but don’t hold many items and often aren’t deep enough for boots.

  6. Bags can be hung from hooks or if heavy then a shelf may be the solution. Only keep the bags which you are using every day. Occasional bags can be stored in wardrobes.

  7. If you have space, consider a storage seat. Shoes can be kept inside and it gives everyone a place to sit whilst they put their shoes on.

  8. Regularly edit what is in your hallway. It’s easy for extra coats, jumpers and bags to end up there so keep on top of it once you have decluttered.

  9. Don’t let post accumulate. Look at it daily, putting any junk straight into the recycling and then sort the rest into filing or ‘action’.

  10. I like a basket to keep our keys in so that everyone knows where they are but I never keep this next to the front door.

If you found these tips useful I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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