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About Professionally Organised
Amanda Biggs Professional Organiser
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Hi, I’m Amanda. I'm a Lancashire based Professional Organiser. I'm based in Chorley and cover Lancashire, parts of Greater Manchester and surrounding areas in person or anywhere in the world virtually.

I started PROFESSIONALLY ORGANISED to help clients declutter and organise problem areas in their homes and reclaim their space and time.

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes and a cluttered and disorganised home can add to that or sometimes be the cause of it. It's often difficult to know where to start and that's where I come in. I can guide you through the process.

I love organising and the sense of calm I feel when everything has a place and is easy to find. It’s such a privilege to be able to share that with my clients.

As well as being a Professional Organiser, I am also the Membership Director for APDO (The Association of Professional declutterers and Organisers). 

My own household is 50% neurodiverse and I  regularly work with clients who have ADHD and executive dysfunction. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by your space or find you spend valuable time looking for things and sometimes even buy them again because you can't find them? I can help you take back control of this. I am happy to chat to you about your requirements. Contact me to book a free no obligation (telephone or video) consultation, or send me a message here.


"What a superstar, Amanda diagnosed the problems and helped create a professionally organised tool shed that I could actually find the things I wanted to use in less than 30 seconds.
I have for many years lived with a completely disorganised shed with lots of randomly arranged tools, paint pots, left over bits from projects etc. it was the result of chucking stuff in after a long day
using the tools and not having the willpower to put things in the right place, probably because nothing did have a ‘Right Place’. For years I kept telling myself I needed to tidy things up and get organised but that never happened and so I dreaded opening the shed, seeing the complete mess, and wondering how on earth I would find what I was looking for; thankfully Amanda was available to help. Now, not only do I have a shed that is organised, I also have a worktop to use for small projects or just sorting things like screws into the correct pots. Thank you so much Amanda." Paul E


Professionally Organised, shed declutter before and after.jpg


"I wish I'd found Amanda years ago, she's had such a positive impact on my life. Having been recently diagnosed with ADHD and having to move house, my stress levels were through the roof. I was simply frozen not knowing where or how to start. Along came Amanda, and it feels like she saved my life! Two sessions in, she's got me to a place where I can now contemplate being ready for 'the move' . She also took 2 car loads to charity, got me organised with a shredding guy...she's a mine of good practical info and has a good understanding of the neurodiverse brain. She's great to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough. There aren't enough stars in the universe to give her actually'. Julie H

Professionally Organised, garage declutter before and after.jpg



Getting help with sorting out a very cluttered space was easily some of the wisest money I’ve spent! I’m only sorry I put it off for so long. Amanda makes the whole process extremely accessible and surprisingly - a lot more gentle than I had anticipated. This is not a “one size fits all” approach. Nor will she push you to part with anything you’re not ready to. Instead I felt very listened too and had a very bespoke experience. I now have a wonderful space to use as an artist and it’s a very freeing process. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Professional Organised again. Minty B

Professionally Organised artist studio declutter 2.jpg


I love collaborating with you and am in awe of what you've been able to acheive in just a few short hours. M was aghast when she saw the garage (in a good way). We both appreciate you so much. You're already making such a difference.  Anon, Chorley


I booked Amanda to provide advice and work with me to sort my kitchen cupboards which were in desperate need of organisation. She helped me to think clearly about how I use my kitchen, identifying my most used items, grouping them together and maximising space.
As a busy mum with a full time job, finding the time and motivation to tackle the job was holding me back. Amanda was very motivational and had some really great practical ideas. I am already saving time by being able to find things first time. Julia J

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